About Me

Dujuan Simons (Dope Soap)
I am 31 years old and very self motivated
If I become enthused about something or i think that something can really work out, I go all in and commit myself, resources and everything to help bring my idea to reality. This is the same feeling I get for Dope Soap my newly formed car washing business.
I started Dope Soap in 2020. It was during hurricane season as Bermuda was experiencing a hurricane. I sat outside watched the hurricane take it course and in doing so debris were scattered dirtying cars and bikes. I thought to myself then that vehicles are going need a serious cleaning.
I went online and started researching possible products to use and ordered myself a starter kit. I started off with whats call the “two bucket system” and a vacuum outside my house using my kitchen tap water. I used my social media platform as a way to promote what I thought was only a small part time hustle. I had such a good response I surprised myself. I had people traveling from different areas of the island to my house to get their cars cleaned. Even had a friend send me a logo they created which is now the logo I use for my business.
After a few weeks of cleaning cars and bikes after my day job, I started to lose interest that I once had for the business from when I first got the idea. However, Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond my control I found myself unemployed for almost a year. After several months of applying for jobs, I was reminded of the business venture that I once considered for myself and was assured that it can work.
After taking some time to think about my next move. I decided to bet on myself. With doing so I have taken the time to find ways to bring my “hustle” to a branded business. I can now bring convenience, great and affordable services to your door step with my now mobile car detailing business Dope Soap.

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